Friday, 17 January 2014

Wild West Exodus

First game, just getting to grips with the rules. Kickstarter was awesome for the amount of stuff you got. Current web pricing is not so hot as they nice toys I would like are about £50 a figure!

The figures are beautiful at about 35mm scale. I have some concern over a few of the resin parts as they may not take handling during gaming well. The plastics are lovely but the figure only go together rin one pose. Materials are easy to work with though should you want to do some conversion, I plan to save my second wave 1 plastic sprue rill I get wave 2 plastic and then do some head swaps.

The game has simple mechanics and there is plenty of scenarios in the back of the book.

Below is a truck lying on its side, this is Craig's heavy support vehicle and should be a lot of fun when it finished. He bought it to use as scenery but the rules for it are quite interesting.

All the terrain seen here is Craig's ad is looking lovely. I have made this folding 4' x 4' board for him and he received it in time for this game. The sand is not yet painted - as wargames we will go to great lengths to paint sand to look like sand!

The game itself should be played on a 6' x 4' at about $1500 ?(this is how you buy your posse). We were playing at $500 and our next game will be $750 which should get more foot troops on the table.