Sunday, 15 December 2013

First Play Muskets and Tomahawks

The British are ordered to burn a farmhouse believed to be used as a supply for the French. Thier plan is to send a threatening regular formation to draw out the defenders while some light infantry and allied Indians sneak through the woods.

The French have detecrted the enemy approach and hastily erect a barricade to weather the British fire.

The British Regulars advance  in disciplined ranks.

With an eagle eye they spot the French cowering behind the barricades and unleash a volley, confident in their training they will get reloaded in short order. Returning fire from the French at the barricade reduced the British unit but its morale holds and it keeps advancing.

French allied Indians massacre the oncoming British Light Infantry to a man, thwarting the British sneak attack.

 Accurate British fire drives back the other unit of French Indians as they attempt to move to the flank of the advancing unit. Another advance and shot sees the Indians wiped out. Even with the intervening wall the muskets are lethal with this much incoming fire.

 The French regulars have arrived on the table accompanied with their officer. The militia defending the barricade step aside to allow a swift charge into the British Regulars who have just reached the barricade.

The combat is both swift and bloody, shocked at the ferocity of the British the French Regulars flee form the melee and after receiving a volley from the now flanking British unit disperse form the battle.

Seeing the fall of thier regular unit and a distinc decline in French numbers the remaining militia and Indians also disperse from the battlefield leaving the area under British control.

Thanks to Kevin Tingle for providing most of the scenery, all of the figures and the rules! I really like the action card system and the possibility of not getting to use everything you have on the table. Most rules seem simple and I think it suits scenarios. Will certainly be having another bash at it soon.