Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mighty Armies 15mm Fantasy

As wargamig butterflies goes I have the attention span of a mayfly... ooh shiny!

Just over a year ago Craig bought a set of rules for 15mm fantasy called Mighty Armies by Rebel Minis, and about 4 armies :) I have and undead skeleton army by Alternative Armies from 15-20 years ago which looked like it could do service. However about a month later my interest had once agian moved on to another project.

Last week we were discussing the merits of armies that have units all on one base like Kings of War and Inpetus. This sparked my interest and I started having a look at DBM and then Hordes of Things. After sending alink for HOT to Craig to look at he reminded me of Mighty Armies and erupted in to what I can only describe as an orgy of enthusiasm!

So having a bit of a look on the web for inspiration on basing and terrain (unfortunately both extremely limited. Last week I knocked up the folding 3 foot square board for Malifaux and was myself inspired to make a similare set up for Mighty Armies. The idea of having a 2 foot square folding board and nine bases of troops to plonk down almost has the air of a portable wargame.

To get started I have begun assembly of the undead and this week I will be making the folding board.

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