Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Ogres Re-Basing Update

Having to press on with this as the competition is looming and I need to actually put paint on the figures.

Styrofoam was 'painted' with pva to stiffen it, after drying it was then given a solid coat of matt black.

When the black dries the bits that get missed including air pockets show up so I went over them all again with a black wash.

The rocky surface was then dry brushed with dark grey (wilko flintstone emulsion).

Used fine builders sand for the base as I wanted it to be a bit like snow, The builders sharp sand I usually use would have been too coarse for that.

The sand and base edge were then painted with pearl grey emulsion (a tester pot from wilko - great for painting scenery). I applied this slightly watered down so it would not cover completely solid and give me some sandy colour showing through to dirty it up.

When I asked my wife what colour is snow, instead of the getting a silly answer she said "well, if its fresh then its white but old snow tends to get dirty brown."

Rocky area then dry brushed with the pearl grey to give it definition and help to blend the base together.

By the way this is about as sophisticated I am going to get on the snow front apart from adding a little gloss varnish here and there to represent either ice or melting.

Trying to get  frozen water effect on the front but I think it is going to need a few more layers to get the effect I need. Still quite pleased with how its coming along.

Always good when something starts to look a bit like your initial ideas.

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