Sunday, 26 June 2011


Just to address the couple of comments of I have had:

  • Yes I am planning to use my woodelves for next BB season. My throwing game with Undead was less than successful.
  • Romans on the backburner, sort of. I have decided to get on with and complete a couple of projects at a time rather than have 17 on the go! (not helped by my current fascination for Plastic Soldier Company Germans)
After a few days of painting apathy I have got back to painting the plague mortar. Having finished all the 10,000 metal parts I am on to different colours and this has spiced things up, soon to be finished I think. My plan is not to finish all the models in the army at this stage but to get them all to a gaming table standard, the problem with the big models is that they are so intricate I cannot go and paint inaccessible bits after assembly so the mortar and doomwheel will have to be finished.

I did something on friday that  have not done since 1986 (give your minds a second to range over assorted images) I played D&D and had a thoroughly wonderful time! If ever there was a game to steal away your time it is that and Craig is an excellent narrative GM.

If I get the mortar finished later today I will post some pics, I am still having problems with Picassa web albums not letting me run a slidehow.

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