Friday, 24 June 2011

Pennine Pillage

I know it was a couple of weeks ago now but needed to put something down about it. For anyone who has not been to this 1 day Warhammer Fantasy Battle 1200pt tournament I would recommend it.

The first time we went we were struck by the friendliness of the opponents, lovely venue and awesome food (mainly the food!) This year was no exception with Tom being restrained after his third giant piece of apple pie with cream.

I took Skaven this year and found it more of a learning excercise of the army:

  • Rat ogres are difficult to use and generally underperform.
  • The Doom Rocket is wonderful, never leave home without one.
  • Playing to the Skaven fluff actually works, its often better to run away than fight!
I was left with two memorable moments:

In the first game I got Skitterleap and my opponent failed to stop me skitterleaping Mr Doomrocket to the flank of his army. In the resultant shooting phase the rocket landed smack inthe middle of a unit of boys and did 12 wounds. My opponent looked from my dice to his unit and back to the dice, then slowly said 'that's 12 dead!'

In my last game my Doomwheel had just broken form combat and fled back towards a unit of Giant Rats. My opponent said 'ooh you probably didn't want that' and I replied 'nah, I don't mind losing a few rats' - my opponent just burst out laughing.

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