Thursday, 30 June 2011

Skaven progress for June and ambition for July

Below shows the army I took to the Pennine Pillage earlier this month and as usual a week the competition before they had no paint on, so this is my effort (plus a little of Craig's on the rat ogres) for June also to include the catatpult below and the rat swarms on my slideshow.

Next up I have what I want for July. My ambition here is to get all the units to the 'brown' level. I am not finishing any one unit but rather getting the whole army to a certain level. Once done I will go back round and add another level of deatail and washing. Finally I will go back round each unit again and finish them with some proper highlights and basing scheme.

For those if you without the eyesight of an Owl I will explain what is in here:

  • At the back centre is a unit of 45 clanrats with spears and shields pushing a screaming bell with a greyseer on top.
  • Back left is the remaning 12 clanrats with hand weapons and shields to make the previoulsy painted unit from 28 up to 40.
  • Back right is another unit of 40 clanrats with hand weapon and shield.
  • Front left is the front part of a unit of 50 skavenslaves (enslaved gnoblars working a warpstone mine).
  • Next left is a couple of packmasters and behind them a Warlord on War Litter.
  • Front right is a unit of 5 poisoned wind glabadiers with an attached poisoned wind mortar.

Last but not least I have a picture of the Hell Pit Abomniatin painted a couple of months back. This was for a game I played against Tom's Orcs, a special scenario making the Abomination a focus of the game. Go check out GW's website if you want to see the scenario here: It Will Live Again

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  1. That's a MONTH!?!

    I'd take at least six to do that much! I somehow feel that my scoring system can't quite cope with you Mr Dodds.

    I'll have to go and amend my marks.